Caecilia Terloh profile

director of Environmental services


Caecilia is the head of Environmental Services with CLS. Her key strength is her ability to develop a strong understanding of customers’ needs through project management and careful customer liaison. Having previously worked with Limerick Corporation within the drinking water section, she subsequently worked with the Salmon Research Agency in County Mayo, where she was involved in experimental salmonid rearing & environmental monitoring. Caecilia brings a dynamic leadership style to creating advancements in her area through new innovative method development such as organic analysis. Under her leadership, ISO17025 was achieved and continues to grow with new methodologies meeting customers’ needs being added year on year. Caecilia has successfully managed the sampling program on behalf of the EPA as part of the Water Framework Directive in recent years and has also managed projects on behalf of The Marine Institute.


Caecilia is a master’s graduate with a distinction from Ruhr University Germany where she investigated the presence of pesticides in soil and air by GC/MS, GC/NPD & HPLC. Caecilia continued her studies in a distinguished postgraduate programme which she completed to achieve the qualification of European Environmental Manager.