Case Studies

Environmental Protection Agency

CLS Working with the Environmental Protection Agency

The primary challenge that Ireland faces over the next decade is to achieve ‘good water status’ for all waters by 2015 as set out in the Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000/60/EC. Monitoring programmes are an integral part of the new management strategy for water to meet this objective.

Complete Laboratory Solutions was successful in its bid to support the EPA with this largest surface water monitoring project of its kind in Ireland. It is an ongoing project where in the region of 300 lakes and river sites are being monitored per calendar month, countrywide.

CLS has created a database, which contains the analytical results obtained per sampling site, methodologies applied and detailed geographical and environmental information on each sampling location. On completion of this project the information
contained in this database will become the bench mark for the standard of Irish surface water.

Complete Laboratory Solutions is responsible for all the sampling involved in this project. The company carries out part of the analysis of this project, namely Physico-Chemical Parameters and also handles the logistics involved in the sampling and testing of all sites. Monthly reports are issued to the EPA in excel and xml (EDEN) formats that allow easy data transfer between the Agency and their European counterparts.